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You are told to write in the ACTIVE VOICE, but how do you do it?

EASY!  Make the subject of your sentence  perform the verb’s action!

Sam throws the ball.


  • SAM is the subject of the sentence.  
  • SAM is the one throwing the ball.   The verb’s action = throws.
  • Be sure that the subject is performing the action of the verb.


Now look at a passive PASSIVE VOICE sentence.

The ball was thrown by Sam.

  • The ball did not perform the verb’s action.
  • To write in the ACTIVE voice always have your subject doing the action.


ACT: We drove the race car.   PASS: The race car was driven by us.

ACT: Slim plays the guitar.  PASS: The guitar is played by Slim.

ACT: Carmen sings a ballad. PASS: The ballad was sung by Carmen.

To  practice ACTIVE vs PASSIVE VOICE go to Free grammar games at


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